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COVID 19 Parent Resources

Symptoms of COVID 19 Flyer


Public Health Protocols for Exposed Personss
Image that corresponds to Public Health Protocols for Exposed Personss


Spectator Gating for Home Competitive Events effective Jan. 18


Weekly Press Release Regarding Positive Cases for Staff and Students ending Jan. 8


Gating Criteria Report from Jan. 13 meeting

Use this link to see the results of Gating Criteria Report data reviewed Jan. 13 that will be used to make adjustments to the school evironment for the week of Jan. 18.


COVID 19 Tracking Instrument

Use this link to see the COVID 19 Tracking Instrument that provides both real-time data (top table), as well as historical data (bottom table).

With some of these new documents we wish to alert everyone that the Press Releases that have occurred immediately after a positive case is identified will be discontinued due to the real-time data that is now being provided. Rather, a weekly press release summarizing all new information is being released with the new Gating data every week.

Two-week Average Daily Attendance Data

Use this link to see the ADA, average daily attendance, generated from Powerschool for the preceding two week time frame leading up to Jan. 13.


Video explains Gating Committee Process

Superintendent Kellen Adams has created a video to explain the mechanics and methods of the Weekly Gating Process that determines the educational environment for district schools in the following week.

Use the above link to view the video.

RMS/CHS Scenarios if learning environment needs to change


Lifeline offers phone/internet discounts to Kansas low-income families - in English


Lifeline offers internet/phone discounts to Kansas low-income families - in Spanish


USD 413 Guidelines for Spectators at Ticketed Events


Kansas Schools Gating Criteria: Guideline for Change
Image that corresponds to Kansas Schools Gating Criteria: Guideline for Change


2020-21 Synchronous Students Meal Order Form and Parent Waiver


School Nurse Checklist for Students Returning to School


Mask Opt Out Form


Navigating Change Document- Roadmap to Re-Opening


Chanute High School Synchronous Learning Class Options


Grades 6-12 Learning Options and Synchronous Virtual Live Learning Handbook


Pre-K-5 Learning Options and Synchronous Learning Handbook


Chanute Public Schools Instruction Models 2020-2021


Parent/community Questions with Answers

This document will continue to be updated as questions and answers are available. 

Chanute School & Community Resource Guide for Parents


Map of Chanute Public Access WiFi Locations


ANW COOP Reopening plan