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Chromebook FAQs

General Information

The Google ecosystem provides a robust, cloud-based platform that is a good fit for achieving many curriculum goals. USD 413 decided to universalizing students access to this technology by adopting a 1 to 1 approach in our schools. Chromebooks are an affordable piece of electronics that will get students onto the Internet and to utilize the Google Apps suite. Because of their tremendous adoption rates in K-12 environments, we can be assured that Chromebooks will be compatible with major web-based applications moving forward. At the same time, teachers and students are not locked into a specific device, as Google Apps such as Google Drive can be accessed from PCs, Macs, iPads, Androids, and most cellphones. 


A number of applications such as Gmail and Google Drive have offline modes built-in. These will then sync with your online accounts the next time your Chromebook is connected to the internet. Other apps are available to use offline – just be sure to enable offline use in their settings first.

Because you can’t install local applications on a Chromebook, the need for antivirus software is mostly negated. USD 413 also remotely filters website content and restricts downloads to the chromebook. However, you’ll still need to stay vigilant online and always be aware of who you share your personal data with.


Due to space and safety limitations the ability to install applications and 3rd party software is very limited on the Chromebooks. Any educational applications requested by teachers will be automatically downloaded to students chromebooks. 


The internal storage capacity of a Chromebook is limited. However, students do have access to a google drive account which can store any and all of their documents, pictures, movies, presentations and more. 

In the case of loss or theft, the missing chromebook should be reported to both the police and the building administrator. The student/parent will be responsible for the full cost of a replacement. If the Chromebook is reported lost or stolen it can and will be remotely disabled. This means that after it’s reported missing the device itself can not be utilized until it is returned to USD 413 and reactivated by the USD 413 staff.

Accidents can happen, and the USD 413 school district is aware of this. Damage to Chromebooks such as cracked screens, broken keyboards or damaged cases are to be reported to the building principal. USD 413's technology staff will repair and/or replace a student’s Chromebook with the authorization of the student's school administrator. If the student's Chromebook is being repaired, they will be loaned a Chromebook until the repairs are complete.