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Welcome to Chanute Public Schools

A district with a Students First! philosophy

The Mission in Unified School District 413 is to

"Empower each student with the knowledge and skills needed to be a productive citizen and a life-long learner."

              Whether you are a returning family or one that is new to our district, we want to welcome you to the USD 413 Family!  Our motto has been “Students First” for many years.  We continue to strive to make everything that we do in Chanute Public Schools student centered, keeping students first in our thoughts, deeds and actions from the board room to the classroom.  The safety and education of your child is our priority.  We endeavor to provide a safe, healthy learning environment where every student will learn every learning outcome, every day.  We guarantee a viable curriculum and robust learning opportunities for all. 

              Our relationship with parents and the community is vital to our success.  We want you active in your child’s education.  Without your help and support, we cannot accomplish our goal of every student learning every essential learning outcome.  We care about your students and want what is best for them.  We know that you do too.  Thank you for your support of our schools and our students.

USD 413 Building Report Card

Find out how our students and our schools compare with other Kansas Schools by finding

the KSDE Report Card Page beneath the District tab.