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Gating Committee releases data for Nov. 2-6

Posted Date: 09/30/2020

Gating Committee releases data for Nov. 2-6

In Chanute Public Schools, a Gating Committee meets every Wednesday to determine whether any changes need to be made as to how education will be delivered in the schools the following week. The Committee members comprised of community health professionals and school district employees review local COVID case data and refer to the state’s Gating Criteria and then discuss whether students can learn at school, at school and home, or only at home. Reviewed is data from the week's average daily attendance and two-week data on county incidence rate, county cumulative rate, the trend in Neosho County and local and area hospital ICU capacity.

This committee meets weekly on Wednesdays to review new data and discuss trends or concerns. The color coding for USD 413 Gating document is adjusted, as needed, and released to the public shortly after noon. 

To help explain this process, Superintendent of Schools Kellen Adams has outlined the mechanics and methodologies of the decision-making in a video.

Please click on this link for an informative video, explaining the process:

Use this link to see the results of Gating Criteria Report data reviewed Wednesday that will be used to make adjustments to the school evironment for the week of Nov. 2-6.


Use this link to see the ADA, average daily attendance, generated from Powerschool for the same preceding two week frame.


Use this link to see the COVID 19 Tracking Instrument that provides both real-time data (top table), as well as historical data (bottom table).


With use of the above documents, the Press Releases sent out immediately after a positive case is identified have been discontinued due to the real-time data that is now being provided.  Rather, a weekly press release summarizing all new information up to Oct. 23 is included here.