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District hands out Students First! Awards for May

Posted Date: 05/26/2020

District hands out Students First! Awards for May

Join us in celebrating the USD 413 staff members

selected to receive a district

Students First! Award in March

for going well above and beyond expectations to meet the needs

of our students 

Rose Fox, fourth grade teacher at Chanute Elementary 

rose fox award winnerRose advocates for students and does everything she can to make sure all their needs are met. She stands outside her door every morning and does a unique handshake with her kids and reminds them to be kind. EVERY MORNING!! She understands their differences and caters to all their personalities. As President of the CNEA, Rose works countless hours and is the face and voice for our district. She has been a great asset to our district with her experience, leadership, and drive. She is definitely a students first/staff first teacher!



Crystal Golay, fourth gradecrystal golay award winner

teacher at Chanute Elementary

Crystal is a true professional who obviously loves teaching and truly deserves this recognition. She is dedicated to her students, treating them with respect, and they give it right back to her. She fosters independence with her students within an organized, yet comfortable working environment. When students need more help beyond their core curriculum, she finds that help for them, even though it means additional work for her. If you spend time in her classroom, it’s apparent how her students embrace her wonderful, teaching style.

stephanie oliver award winnerStephanie Oliver, second grade

at Chanute Elementary

Ask anyone who’s worked with her, and they’re quick to tell you how knowledgeable Stephanie Oliver is, how she works to provide every student with an experience that fits their needs, and how incredibly insightful she is about who her students are, and building strong relationships with every one. She's amazingly analytical, can identify exactly what her students need and she carries a fierce determination to do what she has can to provide it for them. Any time I have a student struggling, be it academics or behavior, I know I can go to her to gain deeper understanding of what the problem is and ideas on how I can tackle it. She has an impeccable talent for this career and puts so much of her heart into it. I am a better teacher because of Stephanie Oliver!

Teri Eastman, kindergarten parateri eastman award winner

at Chanute Elementary 

Having someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Teri in the classroom has been a life saver! I would not be able to do my job without her. She's one of the most hard-working, creative people I know, making crafts for the kids, beautiful decorations for our room and always going the extra mile! She does an excellent job working with not only our students, but the students she takes to SAP in the afternoon as well. I am blessed to have her in my classroom!

amanda clasen award winnerAmanda Clasen, SPED teacher

at Lincoln Early Learning Center

Amanda is a great co-worker and a role model for our building! She goes above and beyond for her students and supports her paras and other staff at Lincoln. While working very hard with virtual learning, she still manages to check in and help her paras. She’s done many things with her students through Zoom and sends them fun mail! She is always happy to jump in to help our students and staff with anything that arises. She loves her students and always has a smile on her face. Every time you walk into her classroom the kids are learning something new, fun, and exciting!

Deb Finley, Secretary, School Operations Centerdeb finley award winner

Deb goes above and beyond every day ... sometimes even before and after work. She does so many things at the same time, it’s amazing how she keeps everything straight. She keeps track of every person and  vehicle in our fleet. Yet, if you go into her office she always has time to listen,  even if she has 20 other things going on. It would be impossible to count the number of people  - drivers, teachers, coaches, sponsors - she has saved from themselves because of "errors" in scheduling. Deb is one of a kind and we are lucky she is ours!



katy rodriquez award winnerKaty Rodriquez, secretary

at Royster Middle School

Katy is on top of things, consistently, at RMS. She serves our students in many ways, not solely from her position. There is not one function at Royster that Katy does not support or offer guidance. If Katy had a dollar for every time a person at RMS said "Ask Katy" she would be a millionaire. She's a dose of vitamins A-D, each and every day!





molly smith award winnerMolly Smith, math teacher

at Royster MIddle School

With the change in education presentation the last several weeks, Molly has really stepped up to the plate and taken the lead role in presenting the 8th grade math curriculum. She has navigated these uncharted waters and taken the wheel with this technology-driven platform. Without her leadership, the waves would seem so much more daunting and I'm sure we would have needed more buckets to scoop the water out of our boat.  She has been a real -life life preserver.



Wayne Woodayard, social science at Chanute High School 

wayne woodyard award winner Despite being a short-timer with impending retirement, Wayne continues to fulfill contractual duties with full effort. Though he is not a tech guru, he’s adapted to this new teaching platform and done so with grace. He remains positive despite this being what most would consider an inconvenience. Wayne is always students first/district first. He does what is asked, with no complaining, a positive attitude, putting the needs of others before himself at all times. He has great relationships with some of the most challenging kids in the high school. Even with retirement rapidly approaching, he’s continued to maintain a professional attitude and exemplary work ethic.

Stacy Showalter, parastacy showalter award winner

at Chanute High School

Stacy has gone far beyond her paraprofessional duties in this new learning environment. She has spent countless hours within Zoom meetings with classes she covers and working with students individually. She cares for each and every one of the students she serves and has been making contact with teachers, parents, and students trying to gain achievement.