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District recognizes staff with Students First Awards for February

Posted Date: 03/13/2020

District recognizes staff with Students First Awards for February

Join us in celebrating the USD 413 staff members selected to receive a district

Students First! Award

in February

for going above and beyond expectations  to meet the needs of our students 

shelly kuhn receives awardShelly Kuhn, speech pathologist at Chanute Elementary

Shelly Kuhn has gone above and beyond this year when I have had students not comprehending at grade level. When I went to her with language acquisition skill questions she explained how comprehension and speech are so closely intertwined and provided strategy ideas and lessons to work on. She then agreed to observe this student and discuss what actions could be taken to help. For the last week she has worked with this student on a trial period and we have seen so many gains. I greatly appreciate Shelly's input and expertise in helping us to meet the needs of this student. 





Shannon Sommers, librarian at Chanute Elementaryshannon Sommers receives award

Shannon Sommers is always willing to go out of her way to help staff find the resources they need. Shannon also has hundreds of students to build a relationship with every day. She does that through books and reading. (She) shares her passion with kids each and every day. She encourages the kids to pick good-fit books. If I need anything she is so quick to bring the books to me or help me get them ordered from inter-library loan. I also love that she knows the skills that we are working on in the classroom and teaches it either before us or as a review so that the kids are able to hear it again from another teacher. My kids are always very excited to go to library.



julie thompson receives awardJulie Thompson, third grade teacher at Chanute Elementary

Julie Thompson has provided CES with some unique, exciting experiences to go along with our One School One Book about Humphrey, the hamster. She got a stuffed hamster and cage for the classrooms to share. This was a great experience for my kiddos and something they literally screamed with joy about when they saw him. My students wrote Humphrey letters and Julie wrote them back, taking time out of her evening to write personalized letters. Some of them spent their recess writing Humphrey again and they received another response! I know my class was not the only class she did this for or the only thing she has done for our school that goes above and beyond.



Hannah Wolf, third grade teacher at Chanute Elementary hannah wolf receives award

Hannah Wolf is sharp and creative. She brings the content to life with fun activities that students like. She’s able to think of innovative and creative ways to enrich and extend essentials. She works diligently to develop lessons that provide students with multiple levels of accessibility to ensure that all students needs are met. She freely shares her work with the team and is always Student's First! I only wish my third grade teacher had Blanket Fort Day to practice measuring for area and perimeter! It is not an easy task to break out paints, glue and other high-stress, high-mess materials in your classroom, but Hannah is not afraid of the extra work and because of that her students work hard for her. She is the teacher you wish your own child would have.




terri waggoner receives awardTerri Waggoner, secretary at Lincoln Early Learning Center

Terri Waggoner goes above and beyond each day to take care of all the things in the office as well as help open the doors daily to greet all the students. She has to wear many hats daily. I feel she deserves to be recognized for the hard work she does every day.



Gail Petersen, retired teacher, bus driver at School Operations Centergail petersen receives award

In my view, I think she is the best driver and is an excellent representative for the school district. She is so good with our little pre-kindergartners! 







sarah wilcox receives awardSarah Wilcox English Language Arts at Royster Middle School

Sarah Wilcox is an amazing teacher who loves what she does and genuinely cares about the students she serves. I have seen her give her coat to a student who didn't have one and had to walk home in the snow. She is always trying to make connections with students, even ones she won't have until next year. She goes out of her way to make these connections and she works extra hard to connect with some of our most difficult kiddos. She inspires me to be a better person every day.




Grace Wheeler, library aide at Royster Middle Schoolgrace wheeler receives award

Grace goes above and beyond for the teachers and students she works with. She motivates kids to read through her monthly book talks and always knows the perfect book for you if you ask her for a recommendation (teachers and students). She inspires creativity through the library Creation Station and never says no when asked to help out with a classroom activity. She is especially good at working with those students who need a little extra push to succeed.







brenda seely receives awardBrenda Seely, ALC Monitor at Chanute High School

Brenda Seely always does what's best for kids. She is more than the ALC supervisor. She helps kids do their work, she is a compassionate ear, she is a mom to students who are struggling. Many times students come in to talk to her, not because they are in trouble, but because they know she cares and will listen to them. She forms sincere relationships with students and wants to understand the circumstances behind their behaviors. She goes above and beyond to help out in any way she can and always has a positive attitude.  



Chasity Cook, paraprofessional at Chanute High Schoolchasity cook receives award

Chasity Cook does a great job dealing with her group of students but is always willing to go above and beyond if another student is in need.  She was even willing to step in to break up a fight between two boys that were both a lot bigger than she was.  She comes to work everyday with a smile and if one of her students is struggling she has an unbelievable amount of patience and she will continue working with them until they work through it.