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Chanute teachers and students thank local School Board members

Posted Date: 02/10/2020

Chanute teachers and students thank local School Board members

School Board recognized at center court during basketball halftime


Chanute USD 413 School Board

Chanute Public School students took part in plans to show appreciation for the community members who volunteer their time and talent to serve on the School Board. These seven elected officials volunteer hundreds of hours of their time to attend meetings, listen to research, discuss plans, analyze programs and vote to support educational achievement for all students. In appreciation, each school made arrangements to thank the school members for their service during School Board Appreciation Month. 

At Chanute High School, the board members were invited to a home basketball game, where they were recognized at halftime during a boy’s basketball game. See above photo.

At the middle school, Principal Don Epps made a video thanking the school board members, and then turned the mic over to a group of Royster vocal students to express it in their own language.

 At  Chanute Elementary, each grade level “adopted” one school board member and planned their own way to show their gratitude and express their thanks. The school’s fifth fourth graders present walk down memory lane to former ces principal gary wheelergraders created a sign for school board member Gary Wheeler, a former CES Principal, called “A Walk Down Memory Lane.” As he made his way down the fifth grade hallway lined with students, they slapped hands, offered high-fives, and handed him stars with their name or notes.

The fourth graders greeted board member David Seibel with cheers, applause and high-fives and thank you notes as he made his way down the fourth grade hallway.

The school's third graders decorated their classroom doors with all the reasons they are thankful for school board member Cassie Cleaver. As president of the USD 413 Foundation she’s often behind the delivery of school supplies, teacher grants and materials that supplement classroom learning activities and experiences.  

First Graders greeted their school board member, Jeff Caldwell, individually in each classroom. They presented thank you cards made in a variety of ways to thank him for supporting their school and the tools to help them succeed. In turn, he asked to have his picture taken with each class.BOE member Hendrickson thanks students for song

Kindergarten students gathered in their Great Room to meet school board member Nathan Falk. With the music cranked up, the five-year-olds showed Falk how they get energized for learning every morning. Afterwards, he was presented with a painting of their handprints that they’d all contributed to making.

A group of fourth and fifth graders in the Singing Stars Honor Choir welcomed Ross Hendrickson to their music room where they showed their appreciation. Vocal teacher Mendy Burnett adapted a song the students knew and sang for Hendrickson a song about school board members and all they do.

When you see these people out in the community,

Jeff Caldwell, Gary Wheeler, Ross Hendrickson, Nathan Falk, David Seibel,

Cassie Cleaver and Brad LaRue

please join our students in thanking them for their time, commitment and dedication to pursue educational achievement and excellence for all students!