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Chanute school board to meet Monday

Posted Date: 10/04/2019

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The USD 413 Board of Education will hold its regular monthly meeting on Monday, Oct. 7, at the administration center located at 315 Chanute 35 Parkway. The meeting is open to the public and begins at 5:30 PM. Visitors wanting to address the school board during Open Forum, should stand, give their name and wait to be recognized by the president before speaking. Thank you for observing this courtesy.

Below is the docket for the meeting.

I.              Call to Order

II.            Silent Roll Call

III.           Consent Agenda

                A.            Approve Agenda

                B.             Approve Minutes of the September 3, 2019 Regular Meeting

                C.             Approve Payment of Bills

                D.            Accept a donation in the amount of $794 from Keystone Consolidated Ind/KSW for the Chanute High School Future Farmers of America

E.             Accept a donation in the amount of $893.62 from Chanute Youth Football Club for a Digital 1st Down Marker

F.             Accept a donation in the amount of $50 from Judy McCready for Chanute Elementary School Teacher supplies

G.            Accept a donation in the amount of $1776 from Community National Bank Mascot Debit Card Program for Chanute High School

H.            Accept a donation in the amount of $224.95 from First United Methodist Church for the School Nurse Fund

I.              Accept a donation in the amount of $1024 from Neosho Memorial Regional Medical Center Foundation for Impact Applications (Concussion Mgmt)

J.              Accept a donation from Chanute Kiwanis for dictionaries to be given to Chanute Elementary School 3rd Grader, 114 students

K.            Accept an anonymous donation in the amount of $200 to assist with negative meal balances for Royster Middle School Students

L.             Accept a donation from G & W Foods, Partners In Education Program, in the amount of $1450.38 for Lincoln Early Learning Center

M.            Approve 2019-20 Section 125 Plan with American Fidelity

N.            Approve Fundraisers for Chanute High School Teams, Clubs and Organizations as listed in the Google Form in the BOARD Agenda

IV.           Open Forum

V.            Unfinished Business

                A.            Aide Evaluation Form, Final Approval

                B.             Baseball/Softball Complex

C.             Curriculum Revisions, Final Approval

                                1.             Intro to Agriculture

                                2.             Animal Science

                                3.             Horticulture

                                4.             US History (Updated)

                                5.             World History and Cultures (Updated)

                                6.             Stream 6

                                7.             Stream 7

                                8.             Stream 8

VI.           New Business

                A.            Curriculum Revisions, First Read

                                1.             Computer Concepts 6

                                2.             Computer Concepts 7

                                3.             Computer Concepts 8

                                4.             Honors Math 9

                                5.             Math 9

                                6.             Math 9 Essentials

                                7.             Math 10

                                8.             Math 10 Essentials

                B.             Purchase of 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

C.             Purchase of 2019 77 Passenger Bus with AC, Luggage Storage, Seon 4 Camera System and Seat Belts

D.            Non-Resident Transfer Application

                E.             Tobacco Policies:

                                1.             GAOC – Use of Tobacco Products in School Buildings

                                2.             JCDAA – Tobacco Use (See GAOC)

                F.             Royster Stadium

VII.          Reports by Administrators/Board Members

                A.            Teaching and Learning

                                1.             Spring 2019 KAP Math & ELA Results

                B.             Student Support/Technology

                                1.             Expansion of KPP Program at Lincoln Early Learning Center

                C.             Business and Operations

                                1.             Enrollment Summary & 5-Yr History

                                2.             5-yr History of Certified Recruitment

                D.            Reports by Board Members

                                1.             ANW Special Education Cooperative

                E.             Reports by Administrators

                                1.             Brian Campbell, Chanute High School Principal

G.            Student Recognition

H.            Staff Recognition

I.              Other Reports

VIII.        Closed executive session to discuss resignations/retirements/employments/transfers of non-elected personnel. The executive session is required to protect the privacy interests of the non-elected personnel exception under KOMA.

IX.           Reconvene to open meeting to take actions desired/necessary.

X.            Adjournment.