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School Board holds regular meeting Monday

Posted Date: 07/05/2019

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The school board for Chanute Public Schools will hold its regular monthly meeting Monday, July 8, starting at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are open to the public and are held at the USD 413 BOE office, 315 Chanute 35 Parkway.

Visitors or guests who wish to address the school board during Open Forum should stand, give their name, and be recognized by the board president before speaking. Below is Monday’s agenda.

I.             Call to Order

II.            Silent Roll Call

III.          Consent Agenda

  1.         Approve Agenda

                B.            Approve Minutes of the June 3, 2019 Meeting

                C.             Approve Payment of Bills

                D.            Approve payment of 2019/20 Early Retirement

                E.             Approve Fuel Bid

F.             Approve Child Nutrition & Wellness Kansas State Department of Education 2019-20 Program Agreement Addendum Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program

                G.            Establish Meeting Day, Time and Place for Regular Meetings

Pursuant to KSA 72-8205, the board of education of USD #413, Neosho County, Kansas, by resolution 19/20-01 duly adopted at its regular meeting held July 8, 2019, established the following meeting schedule for regular board of education meetings to be held the 2019-2020 school year:

Monday, July 8                                    Monday, January 6

Monday, August 5                                              Monday, February 3

*Tuesday, September 3                     Monday, March 2

Monday, October 7                                             Monday, April 6                 

Monday, November 4                                        Monday, May 4

Monday, December 2                                         Monday, June 1

Meetings are at 5:30 p.m., Board Office, unless otherwise announced.

The board of education may adjourn any regular meeting to another time and place.

H.          Designate Bank of Commerce, Community National Bank, Emprise Bank, Commercial Bank and Home Savings Bank as Official Depositories of School Funds.  (KSA 9-1401)

I.           Resolution 19/20-02 to Waive the Annual Requirement of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Fixed Asset Accounting.  (KSA 75-1120a)          

WHEREAS Unified School District 413, Chanute, Kansas, has determined that the financial statements and financial reports for the year ended June 30, 2020 to be prepared in conformity with the requirements of KSA 75-1120a(a) are not relevant to the requirements of the cash basis and budget laws of this state and are of no significant value to the Board of Education or the members of the general public of Unified School District 413 and

WHEREAS there are no revenue bond ordinances or other ordinances or resolutions of said municipality, which require financial statements and financial reports to be prepared in conformity with said act for the year ended June 30, 2019.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Education of Unified School District 413, Chanute, Kansas, in regular meeting duly assembled this 8th day of July, 2019, that the said Board of Education requests the Director of Accounts and Reports to waive the requirements of said law as they apply to Unified School District 413 for the year ended June 30, 2020.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the said Board of Education shall cause its financial statements and financial reports of the said municipality to be prepared on the basis of cash receipts and disbursements as adjusted to show compliance with the cash basis and budget laws of this State.

J.           Approve the Following Appointments/Designations:

  1. Attorney – Kurt Kluin
  2. Auditors – Jarred Gilmore and Phillips PA
  3. Federal Projects (i.e., Title I, Title IIA Professional Development, Carl Perkins, etc.) Official Representative – Matt Koester
  4. Hearing Officer for Free and Reduced Price Lunch Application Appeals – Matt Koester
  5. Food Service Representative – Terri Markham
  6. District KPERS Representatives –Jamie Ortiz and Tamara Slane
  7. Newspaper for Legal Publications – The Chanute Tribune
  8. Asbestos Coordinator – Charles McKinney
  9. Freedom of Information Officer – Dr. Kellen Adams
  10. Official Custodian Responsible for Maintenance of School Records – Tamara Slane
  11. Truancy Officers – Building Principals and Assistant Principals
  12. Title IX, 504 Compliance – Dr. Kellen Adams

K.          Other Annual Board Actions:

1.             Authorize Destroying Records According to KSA 72-5369

  1.  Authorize Advance Payment of Utility Bills and Other Payments as They Become Due as Provided for in KSA 12-105(b)
  2.       Approve an 1116 Hours Calendar Requirement for 2019-2020    

(KSA 72-1106)

  1.       Approve the State of Kansas Mileage Reimbursement Rate for     

       Private Vehicle Use on School Approved Business

5.         Petty Cash Authorization and Limits (KSA 72-8208) 

Recommendation:  The board of education approves Petty Cash Accounts at the following locations (same as 2018-2019).

District Office -- $1,000.00

High School ---- $1,000.00

Middle School -  $1,000.00

  1.     Resolution 19/20-03 for Rescinding Policy Statements in Board

    Minutes and Adoption of Current Board Policies.

This action by the Board is recommended to bring all policy focus on the present and not require referral to past minutes.  This is done annually to keep policies clean and clearly stated.  Approval means that all policy statements found in the minutes of this board of education prior to July 1, 2019 be rescinded, and that the board of education adopt the policy manual (or written policies) as presented and recommended by the superintendent of schools, to govern this school district during the 2019-2020 school year, subject to periodic review, amendment, and revision by the board of education.

L.            Declare the attached items as E-Waste and approve proper disposal

M.           Accept a donation of $1247.42 from the 5th Grade Colonial Market for Debbie’s Fund

IV.          Open Forum

V.           Reorganization of the Board of Education:

  1.       Election of President.
  2.       Election of Vice President.
  3.       Appoint a Board Member Delegate and Alternate to the ANW Special  

                                Education Cooperative Board.



  1.      Name a Governmental Relations Network Representative (KASB). 

This person will receive information from KASB on legislation and will be a voting delegate for the district at the KASB Annual Meeting in December.

  1.       Appoint Board Clerk:  Tamara Slane

      Appoint Board Deputy Clerk:  Jamie Ortiz

 Appoint District Treasurer:  Kathleen Standley

VI.          Reports by Administrators/Board Members

                A.            Reports by the Superintendent

                B.            Reports by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

                C.            Reports by Board Members

                                1.             ANW Special Education Cooperative

                                                A draft copy of the minutes from the last meeting is included.

D.            Reports by Administrators

                E.            Other Reports

VII.         Unfinished Business

                A.            Approve District and Building Student Handbooks

                B.            Approval of Transfer ownership of Fairfield School to ANW Cooperative

                C.            Approve Curriculum Revisions:

                                                American History

                                                Ancient World History

                                                Dramatic Literature (Drama)




                                                Kansas History

VIII.       New Business

A.            Chanute High School Course Description Catalog, first read

B.            Approve Audit Engagement Letter with Jarred, Gilmore & Phillps, PA for the 2018-19 Fiscal Audit


C.            Approve agreement for Chanute High School Student to participate in the Parsons High School Swim Program

IX.          Closed executive session to discuss teacher negotiations pursuant to the exception for employer-employee negotiations under KOMA.

X.            Reconvene to open meeting to take actions desired/necessary.

XI.          Closed executive session to discuss resignations/retirements/employments of non-elected personnel. The executive session is required to protect the privacy interests of the non-elected personnel exception under KOMA.

XII.         Reconvene to open meeting to take actions desired/necessary.

XIII.       Closed executive session to discuss administrative and classified staff salaries pursuant to non-elected personnel exception under KOMA.

XIV.       Reconvene to open meeting to take actions desired/necessary.

XV.         Adjournment