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Chanute students among honor choirs performing Saturday at Burlington

Posted Date: 01/12/2018

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Chanute students among honor choirs performing Saturday at Burlington

A group of fifth through eighth grade musicians in Chanute will join with others from across southeast Kansas on Saturday to perform in concert for the public.

Performances by an elementary honors choir, a middle school honors choir and a middle school honors band will take place at Burlington High School, beginning at 3:30 p.m. Tickets are $4 for adults and $1 for students and will be sold at the door.

More than 100 fifth and sixth graders from 25 schools have been working individually on their music and will come together for a combined rehearsal Saturday. Chanute Elementary fifth graders and Royster Middle School sixth graders chosen to sing with the district honors choir are:

Paige Kueser, Carley Jarman, Macie Moore, Tinley Solomon, Sarah Markham ,Jeanette Guernsey , Devon Kueser, Isabella Barney, Scott Smith, Nelson Bumgarner, O'Neal Smith, Madelynne Lowry, Vivian Lucas, A.J. Miller, Abigail Fisher, Liberty Collins, Anden Chance, Sophia Coates, Sadie Cunningham, Zoie Speaks, Elle Kreighbaum, Faith Fewins and Mackenzie Leroy.

More than 100 seventh and eighth graders were chosen for the middle high honors choir.

Royster seventh and eighth graders chosen who will perform with the district middle high honors choir are Abigail Smith, Thomas Ramsey, Nathan Stanley, Ty Galemore, Emma Atherton, Parker Manly, Karli Bash and Megan Kueser.

“The main reason we participate in the district honor choir is to help develop students as musicians.  Through the process of learning the pieces, rehearsing with the guest conductor and performing with other outstanding singers from around the southeast Kansas area, students gain musical knowledge and experience,” said Royster vocal instructor Lance Burnett.

“They learn high quality, challenging songs that help them become better sings and musicians,” added CES vocal teacher Mendy Burnett. “Through the process of learning these songs, they learn how to focus and work hard and that these two qualities combine to produce an outstanding finished product in the concert that evening.”

Several of the Royster students said they were excited to be chosen for the choir.

“Waiting for the results is definitely nerve wracking,” Karli Bash said. Then when you find out, it’s like you’re bouncing off the walls.”

“I’m excited to go because my little brother Scott made district as a fifth grader,” said Abigail Smith. “So I’ll be able to hear him sing and he’ll be able to hear me sing and it’ll be a neat experience.”

Musicality also runs in the Kueser family.

“All three of my siblings are also going to be there,” said eighth grader Megan Kueser.

They described the music they’ll be performing as different and challenging.

“The hardest part of Africa is some weird scale” within the song, Smith said.

“It is an arrangement of the 80's rock hit by Toto,” Lance Burnett explained. “The scale they are referring is the one played by a guitar solo in the rock version. In our arrangement, the composer assigned that to the sopranos. Needless to say, it is a challenge to sing.”

The elementary choir will sing mostly contemporary pieces composed in the last 20 years, Mendy Burnett said, although one piece is based on a Scarlatti Sonata that was written 1742.

Story By: Connie Woodard

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