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Support Operations/Transportation

Chanute Public Schools

Support Operations

Transportation & Maintenance

903 W. Ash

Chanute, KS  66720



             Director                    Support Operations Manager          Building Maintenance

Charlie McKinney                         Deb Finley                                   Bob Cummings     

Chanute Public Schools employ professional drivers and mechanics who are trained to treat safety as their primary responsibility. Every child‘s safety is important.  School bus travel remains the safest way to send children to school.  The State of Kansas continues to ensure that 100 percent of school buses receive safety inspections every year. Bus Drivers are required to be certified in First Aid, CPR and Defensive Driving.

               BUS STOP LOCATIONS

Tank Stop                       –     Evergreen & Walnut

Brighter Beginnings       -    1313 W 14th St

Safari Apartments          -    1500 W Main St (east side of office)

10th Street/Otterbein    -    Southeast corner of ballfield between Lafayette and Western

Cherry Street West        -    719 N Garfield

North Forest                  -    500 N Forest (west side)

Chanute Rec Center       -    410 S Evergreen (south side, circle drive)

Third Street                   -    400 W 3rd St (south side)

South Central                 -    15th & Central

Chanute Elementary        -   500 Osa Martin Blvd (back, bus parking) AM-only RMS


Bus Drivers               Bus Riders

Lesta Adams                                  Chuck Busse

Bruce Bright                                   Jane Cooley

Twila Busse                                   Robin Cummings

Mike Compton                              Carolyn Dutro  

David DeWesse                             Tony Frischenmeyer

Jerry Dodson                                 Erma Frischenmeyer

Deb Huerter                                  Roy Fulton

Melissa Ketchum                           Mike Little            

Alex Mendoza                               Deron Owens

Dan Mitchell                                  Debbie Ray

Loretta Neely                                 Renae See

Bob Ortiz                                       Patricia Shrum                                

Gail Petersen                                 Jayne Taylor

Lynn Ranabargar                           Patty Warhurst

Jim Scaletta                                   AnnaLee Zimmerman

Dan Thompson

Russ Vallier

Wilbur VanWinkle

Trish Venneman
Mark Venneman
Dave Warhurst