District 413, Child Nutrition & Wellness Director speaks in Washington for Kansas schools

Posted Date: 04/12/2017

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Mrs.Terri Markham, USD 413 Child Nutrition & Wellness Director, recently went to Washington DC for Legislative Action Conference. Mrs. Markham was able to speak for Kansas schools nutrition.  She spoke with congressman Kevin Yoder and his aides, congresswoman Lynn Jenkins aides, and  Senator Jerry Moran and aides about the Nutritional needs of our schools. 

Items discussed:

1)  BLOCK the Block grants for Child Nutrition if they come up for a vote again this year. This would be devastating to food service if it ever passed. 

2) Approve .06 cents funding per reimbursable meal for breakfast.

3) Grant flexibility with requirements from the Healthy Hungry Kids Free Act of 2010. We are due to hit our second lower sodium target this next school year. We asked to stop at the current target that we have already completed and to stop all further reductions of sodium.

We also asked to go back to the original Whole Grain requirement of 50% all grains offered to be WG. Right now we are 100% of all grains offered to be WG. The flexibility would help us offer pastas that the kids will eat since they do not care for the WG elbow noodles. 

She said “I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend this conference. The issues this year I am very passionate about so it was even more exciting to get to attend.”

 The formal picture was from the 2017 Celebration of School Nutrition Heroes. They got hear stories from Five Foodservice professionals that were honored at this event. She said, “the stories were amazing and emotional to hear.” 

 Pictured is the Kansas group meeting with Congressman Kevin Yoder.

 Pictured are 7 Kansas foodservice people attending the conference.